CYDONIA's debut album STATIONS takes you on a journey

through their unique cosmos of progressive rock music.

In addition to three studio tracks, the CD also contains two live recordings.

 "Stations is the exciting and intriguing debut album

by German progressive rock quintet Cydonia."  (

"Stations is a very strong and enjoyable album."  (


"Ein beachtenswertes Prog-Lebenszeichen

aus Freiburg im Breisgau."  (

"[Man] kredenzt Gilmour-Gitarre, bevor hymnische Synthie-Fanfaren à la Eloy übernehmen."  (Eclipsed)

"Die fünf Musiker zelebrieren Progressive Rock,

der direkt aus den 70ern kommen könnte.

Das Ergebnis ist spannend." 

(Freiburger Stadtmagazin 'Chilli')



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Progressive Rock From Freiburg/GERMANY

"In a world far away from the wasteland of the charts, the band CYDONIA from Freiburg/Germany draws wonderful colorful landscapes in your auditory canals. Through open keyboard pads, sugared by surprising guitar textures, broken up by mighty, rugged mountain ranges of bass and drums, impressive vocal melodies lead your ears into a dream world. Influences of classic progressive Rock Bands like Genesis and Yes are present as well as traces of more recent representatives (Marillion, Porcupine Tree). However, CYDONIA never runs into the risk of copying or offering banal things because this promising group hat too much stylistic confidence ans creativity in their ranks. Do yourself a favor and dive into the world of CYDONIA!"


Christoph Pöschl